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What we do

We are Video Creative Professionals and Marketing Consultants to a vast range of Australian industries such as retail, general corporate, automotive, transport, mining, industrial, real estate, construction, medical, scientific, recreational vehicle, travel industries, training videos and many more.

We're also producers of the popular Television and Digital series Master of Machines, a high quality program targeted at the passionate automotive enthusiast.

We're passionate, dedicated, efficient, knowledgeable in our field and very talented at what we do. Our great reputation depends on it.  

Marketing Solutions


Offering quality marketing and branding solutions to various industries, 

we work hard to provide creative and results that stand out in the crowd. 

We think outside the square, and we tell stories that engage, impress 

and inspire.

We cover multiple platforms such as Digital, Social Media, Television,

Print, Events and more. 


Our winning formula is based on the theory that 'your success is our success'. We're in this business for the long haul, so lasting relationships through results and solid return on your investment are our top priority.  


Video Creative 
Video is king in today's digital world and we deliver broadcast-quality content with over 30 years experience in the field at the highest level.
We'll not only help you impress potential clients, but also those that you already have. We help you inspire brand confidence on all fronts.
We also provide concepts, creative direction, scriptwriting, voiceover services and presenters when and if required. We strive to provide a total production process solution, creating an immersive and communicative yet stress-free experience for our clients.
Our job is to ensure you get maximum return on your investment.
Through experience and observation of results in many industries, we continually consult on all fronts during the entire process from start to finish and beyond, to ensure a successful result for all involved.  
Training Videos
In today's vast retail market, particularly with the younger generation being in the higher percentage at front of house, educating retail sales staff on not only your product range but most importantly how better to sell that range, is absolutely crucial. You need to gain an advantage over your competition, it's that simple, or you get left behind in today's digital world. We've been working with some of Australia's leading brands and major retailers that sell to ensure a maximum chance success when it comes to increasing sales and therefore growth in the competitive retail arena. We take care of all heavy lifting, with an initial analysis through to concept, script and production, working in tandem with the client. We combine retail promo creative with sales training modules to provide the best of both worlds for a two-pronged attack and a better overall investment for our valued clients.
Social & Digital Media Management

From specific marketing campaigns to full-time management, we've got you covered. Specialising in platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google and YouTube, our focus is purely on delivering high-quality and engaging content that generates awareness, growth and ultimately increased sales for your business.

Creative content without using a specific channel or platform for broad distribution is destined for failure. You can't expect the consumer to find you, so instead, you must find them. Thankfully, in this current day, we

have the right tools to do so.

Social Media is a very powerful tool in today's business world with solid brand awareness and lead generation potential. Only 10 years ago, who would have thought that there would be a time where you could specifically target geographically to tailored demographics the way we can today.

Today a marketing dream has become a reality with digital, providing far more efficient strike rates compared to the old fashioned style of mass marketing to a large percentage of non-potentials.  


Going into battle without a battle plan is a surefire road to disappointed or lacklustre results. Every advertising campaign needs a strategy and road map to follow, covering each aspect and every scenario, with the ability to change course and adapt if required to ensure the end result is maximised.

At Everforge, we work closely with our clients on the best course of action to deliver the desired campaign result, ongoing. We are competitive by nature with unrivalled dedication, and our client's success is a win for all involved. 


Don't get left behind in today's digital world, we can help you. 

Television Production


Specialising in world-class television program production and delivery,

from documentary to full feature series. Other services include high-quality TV commercial production.  

On Hold Messages 

Creating personalised on-hold messages for your business.

We create high-quality message formulations that provide the most professional and effective outcomes for your callers whilst they await your engagement via telephone. 

Aerial Footage - Drone


We provide the latest technology in aerial drone services, with several variants in our fleet, helping take your content creation options to another level.




If it's high-end photography you're after, then we've got you covered with some of the most talented individuals in the industry on our team. In fact, the cover photo of the 68 Dodge Charger featured on this very website is

an example of some of our team's spectacular photographic work.


Our copywriting team are talented and experienced, possessing a strong knowledge of the industries we specialise in. With minimal direction, we
can create copy that will impress the most fastidious and critical potentials.
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